Australian Tenders for Supply Chain Projects Opening Up Great Opportunities for All Entrepreneurs

in Australia

A highly developed economy, Australia offers numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs of different
ranking for promoting their business and earning profits by responding to Australian tenders of
different types. One of the recent opportunities opened up is the supply chain project related tenders in
Australia. These Australian tenders not only offer substantial opportunities to promote business for the
larger entrepreneurs but also for the smaller businessmen as well.

Implementing Expert Recommendations in Australian Tenders
Changes that have now been introduced in the Australian tenders for supply chain projects, are mostly
based on a couple of expert group recommendations such as –
• Supply chain review of 2004 conducted by AAD.
• Internal audit of supply chain processes conducted by DEWHA.

The Antarctic Connections Influencing Australian Tenders
Australia has specifically a very old connection with the Antarctic going back to the year 1800
commencing from the expeditions conducted on Cape Adare, Captain Scott’s expedition of 101-04 and
followed by various others reflecting on Australian tenders. Founded in the year 1948, the Australian
Antarctic Division administers and coordinates National Antarctic Research Expeditions that was
later inducted as the Antarctic program of Australia. In any case, all these research programs require
indenting products and services and in result they offer good opportunities for businessmen all around
for responding to various Australian tenders floated for the purpose.

Regular Requirements for Australian Tenders
Since the Antarctic division carries out numerous tasks relating to planning, organizing, as well

coordinating the Antarctic summer for people and also manages the activity of Australian government in
Antarctica, several Australian tenders are floated for outsourcing works and smooth operations.

Some of the important fields where such tenders are available are –
• Travel and transport;
• Logistic supports for the four permanent research stations in Antarctica;
• Movement and camping of people;
• Managing the supply chains for over eighty scientific, construction, and remediation projects in
and around Antarctica.

Requirement for Bidders in Respect of Australian Tenders
Interested bidders willing to respond to Australian tenders for the supply chain implementation should
take care of a few aspects such as –
• Bidders should be really interested and dedicated to the task of supply materials and managing
the duties and responsibilities entrusted as per the Australian tenders.;
• They should provide high quality services and products at the most competitive rates;
• Implementation parameters set by the floater of the tenders must be conformed to;
• Bidders must conform to all the requirements in the tender advertisements; and
• They should have necessary expertise and experience in the corresponding fields for supply of
products or services after winning Australian tenders.

While domestic bidders may not have much problem since they would be carrying out their business
according to the law of land; overseas bidders should be careful while responding to global Australian
tenders and realize all the requirements of law perfectly so that there is no confusion or problem at real

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Australian Tenders for Supply Chain Projects Opening Up Great Opportunities for All Entrepreneurs

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This article was published on 2010/12/25