Kiwi Migration To Australia Grows

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In Australia, migration officials are now dealing with the large number of people moving into the country. Indeed, the amount of immigrants moving into the country has significantly increased in the past few months, mainly due to the booming economy. And experts are saying that this is likely to grow even more in the next few years.

One of the people that are arriving into Australia in large numbers are the Kiwis, or the folks coming from New Zealand. In this year alone, there were more than 966,000 arrivals coming from across the Tasman Sea. This one is significantly higher than the the numbers posted last yer.

It is actually not that surprising to note that New Zealanders make up the bulk of immigrants moving to Australia. You see, the two countries actually share a pretty strong bond together. Having been discovered by the same explorers, the two countries have a lot of things in common with each other. And with that, they also have a good relationship.

In fact, as evidence of this bond, the two countries actually give several benefits to citizens of the other. One of the biggest of these benefits is the ease of travel between the two countries. For instance, residents coming from Australia need not to apply an entry visa first before they can head to New Zealand and vice versa.

And because Australia has the larger economy between the two, this serves as an attraction for a lot of workers from New Zealand to work and permanently settle in the continent. In October alone, around 3000 New Zealanders have decided to move to Australia. This is a significant increase from last year's figure of around 1900 migrations for the same month.

However, despite the generally welcoming attitude of Australia on kiwi migration, there are some groups who are concerned that the large number of people moving from New Zealand might actually be a problem for both countries in the long run. For New Zealand, many experts said that excessive labor movement to Australia may lead to a case of brain drain that can affect the country's economy.

On the other hand, experts said that Australia will also have problems with the large number of New Zealanders that are coming into the country. In particular, they point out that this will contribute to the current population problems of the country. Also, some groups said that the rather lax regulations on kiwi migration might become a security problem.

A lot of concerned groups have also noted that not all of the Kiwis that move in to Australia are able to settle in completely. Thus, some of them have actually ended in somewhat uncomfortable situations. This have concerned groups worried for their welfare and led them to clamor for more attention to the matter.

Nevertheless, the Australian government has said that it will not change its migration policies for New Zealanders. But they also added that they will see to it that it is properly regulated.
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Kiwi Migration To Australia Grows

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    ButlerYvette- 2012/10/31 06:19:37 am

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    Vanessa O'Sullivan- 2011/02/19 00:36:09 am

    Very informative post. Australia offers Kiwis better pay than similar jobs in NZ, more sun and its only a few hours flight to visit friends and family in NZ. Vanessa O'Sullivan

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