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People in Australia can be understood from the fact that it being one of the most advanced countries has modern transportation facilities which comprises air services, land transportations such as buses, trains, etc. as well as water ferries. Ownership of car has gone immensely and in terms of car ownership the country scores second position. Moreover, excellent roads in the country are conducive for growth and development of industry, manufacturing, travel and tourism.

The country boasts to have three to four times more road per capita than Europe. Australia is far away in terms of per capita road in comparison to Asia. With excellent transportation facilities, Australia offers smooth movement inside the country. With various international airports and airline services, the country provides excellent air service to various cities of the world which are directly connected to most of the metro cities of Australia. All metro cities of Australia are well connected with small cities and town located interiorly.

Mentality of people in Australia to own automobile products has increased the fuel consumption and that may a reason that today the country has second highest per capita fuel consumption in the world. Similarly, lack of public transport system in various cities forces people to own personal cars and cities such as Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane have most number of car owners who travel on their own vehicles. People go for long travel or journey on their own vehicles which have become quite a trend in the country.

Buses in Australian Transportation are conducive for travelers who are willing to explore the countryside of the nation. A net of buses serves the purpose and travelers can enjoy cheap traveling through such buses. Such buses link small towns to metros and serve the purpose well to offer economical transportation facilities for workers, students, etc. Greyhound Australia is countrys premier bus service which has operations in all major states. The company offers online booking, telephone booking and spot booking; however, advance booking can provide attractive discounts for travelers.

Roads or highways in Australia have been divided into 3 different categories i.e. Federal Highways, State Highways, and Local Roads. The well maintained road help in smooth transit from small towns to big cities to metro cities. Metro cities lack full-fledged rapid transit systems; however, cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have advanced metros which partially are underground and partially over ground. Australia has huge railway network where there are 33,819 km of total track of which 3,719 km are broad gauge, 15,422 km are standard gauge and 14,506 km are narrow gauge.

Air services to various cities in Australia Transportation from various major cities from the world help international travelers arrive in the country in smooth manner. Airlines in Australia such as Qantas, Jetstar (subsidiary), Virgin Blue, Tiger Airways Australia, etc. provide much need air services to travelers from Australia and outside Australia. With advanced infrastructure and modern airports Australia seems to be a force in coming decades in terms of growth in travel and tourism as much is still to be explored in the continent country. There are more than 448 airports and many of them have international operations.
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People In Australia

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This article was published on 2010/11/20